Natural Looking Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair Loss could be a horrible psychological experience. The way we look specifies who we are - both to the outside world and to our own self-confidence. But today with the development of hair transplant procedures and hair transplant facilities, you are not at the mercy of time and genetics: you could grow back your hair, gain back your confidence and manage how your hair looks.

There are several reasons for hair loss in males and females such as illness, vitamin deficiency, bodily hormone discrepancy, and anxiety. Efficient hair transplantation can transform your life. Dr YV Rao's Hair Transplant center blazes a trail in offering natural and constantly incredible results. We alter lives every day, giving superior hair transplants utilizing tried and tested best treatments. Most importantly, our final outcomes are assured! Visit for more details.

Hair Transplant clinic is furnished with sophisticated instruments, and our staffs are very knowledgeable. Hair transplant surgery takes from 2 to 6 hours and is not distressing for either you or our staff. Making use of the FUE approach we can easily extract and transplant approximately 3,500 grafts in one 6-- 8 hour sitting. Surgery can easily include 2 sessions that happen over the period of 2 days. We can extract almost 5,000 grafts at the time of surgery utilizing the FUE procedure.

At center, our FUE or FUT extractions are done for high quality. The FUE procedure was designed so as to stop subjecting patients to threats such as big scars and/or pain (frequently connected with the FUT/strip method). FUE hair transplantation is very effective for the treatment of both initial and advanced stages of hair loss.

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